The Tale of the Underdog

by Michael Fugitt

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released January 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Michael Fugitt Lincoln, Nebraska

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Track Name: Throwing Stones feat. Lucas Kellison
Verse 1

I'm not the kind to avoid it if the problem exists
I find a thousand proofs but they still call it a myth
Politically correct, blind like saul in his sins,
Not surprised hearing global warmings all to get rich
now theres lines filling up and it's the wannabe kids
holding signs with agendas they just wanna be picked
so they buy into everything it's all in the hips
but with guys sex sells so it's all for the chicks
you'd be wise if you never thought to bow to the myth
P.C. lies, universalisms gotten me sick
step aside and I'll show you where the quality is
right on time speaking truth without apologies kid
and gay pride, you'll get stoned if you calling it sin
they defy falling faster than economies did
never mind giving up or think of calling it quits
you can try everything you do the problem persists


Soon you will see, the majority, can not kill this heart thats driving me.
If nobody stands, I will stand alone
so throw your stones at me

(and thats right, every time I think of grabbing the mic, could rock for your ears but I rock for your life)

Verse 2

You wouldn't catch me in the picket line chanting a phrase
I gently use my words until your standing amazed
politically correct left it back in the day
effect 10,000 people some'll stand in your way
spiritual death, all the trama, can't imagine the pain
haven't met alot of preachers not after the fame,
who mention dalai lama or abandon the faith
I bet my bottom dollar, they'll establish my case
for every step to my purpose theres a slap in the face
don't regret what I said they say thats a mistake
made a mess of what it should be and thats what I hate,
we're fed a lot of crap for establishments sake
by trendy pastors with thick glasses and frames
got upset when I heard how they damage His Name.
get depressed when you see how the average behave
I guess this is where you see the battle I face

Verse 3

In the battle filled with bloodshed intelligence died
a candle for the soldiers who rebellion survived
politically correct thats so relevant I....
handle every situation compelled to comply
they get their satisfaction from selling us lies
at last I'm a voice for a prevalent time
I rap for the foolish, dumb, jealous and blind
then ask if you've ever seen a gentleman cry
In fact I'm old fashioned with a relevant mind
I clash it so happens with forgettable rhyme
my passions bringing truth through incredible lines
people laughing like I'm dave chapelle and them guys
whatever happened to the intelligent times
could you fathom church being where the devil resides
and pastors in the shoes of those telling us lies
more than half in the pews go to hell when they die.